Kalātapasyā – Kalā eva tapasyā is an initiative started with a sole intention to nourish the ecosystem of Performing artists of Indian Classical art forms.

Kalātapasyā logo is a better way to understand our philosophy. The word Kalātapasyā is a combination of two Sanskrit words ‘Kalā’, which translates to art and ‘Tapasyā’, which translates to prayer or meditation.  The alphabet ‘K’ in the logo indicates Kalā  (art) and the mirrored ‘K’ indicates Kalākar (artist), which is a reflection of art. The two leading arrows indicate that they lead to one another, and the dot in the middle indicates focus, which is primordial for a seeker.

The first step towards our goal is done by launching a podcast called ‘Indian Artpreneurfor art lovers and performing artists. Indian Artpreneur podcast is available on all major platforms Apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify and Amazon music.Do not forget to subscribe to our podcast on any of your favorite platform. Do follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates!


Have a suggestion for listening to any artists, leave us your wish list in contact form and we will do our best to bring them as guest on our show!

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