Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh – Saraswathi Veena exponent

On the 8th episode of ‘Indian Artpreneur’ podcast series, Season 3 – Vistāra we speak to Guru Smt. Jayanthi Kumaresh, who is India’s torch bearer worldwide for Saraswathi Veena, the National Instrument of India. She is an artiste, collaborator, composer, researcher, creator, pioneer, an educator and one of the legendary Veena masters that India has ever produced.

A researcher, she holds a Doctorate for her works on “Styles and playing techniques of the Saraswathi Veena”. She is the founder of the Indian National Orchestra, featuring 21 star musicians from all over India – the first of its kind orchestra for Indian Classical Music. Her web series, Cup O’ Carnatic, which popularizes Carnatic music in general and Veena in particular has more than 2 million views on social media.

On this episode you will listen to her speak about:

Early days

Philosophy of music

How to practice?

Teacher to Guru

Message to parents and teachers