Nirupama Rajendra & T D Rajendra – Kathak Dancers

On the 9th episode of ‘Indian Artpreneur’ podcast series, Season 3 – Vistāra we speak to one of India’s foremost classical dancers, who hail from a family of educationists, artists and Harikatha Vidwans (traditional story tellers). – Smt Nirupama Rajendra and Sri T D Rajendra

As founders of ‘Abhinava Dance Company’- one of India’s most popular and cutting-edge production houses recognized worldwide, the duo have been instrumental in introducing a great deal of innovation, creativity, enthusiasm and imagination to the realm of Classical Art over 25 years.

On this episode you will listen to her speak about:

Early days

Importance of music

Male dancers and masculinity

Productions that make impact

Message to parents and teachers

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