Sarvani Yadavalli – making the best out of every situation

On our sixth episode of Indian Artpreneur, Season 1: Victory against odds, we speak to Kuchipudi dancer Sarvani Yadavalli and a disciple of Padmasree Dr. Sobha Naidu, who’s among the India’s top most exponents of Kuchipudi dance . For many of us who live in a city, it is probably easier to find a dance teacher next door. Now let’s imagine, we are in the 90s, living in a village, with no access to dance teachers, but wanting to learn dance. Would one be willing to travel 500 kms to reach the place where the art form got originated and learn. Not all are blessed with opportunities next door. But pursuit their passion leaving no stone unturned.

This is the Story of a dancer who makes the best out of every situation and every time paves path for herself in dance and engineering. She has toured 17 countries in Europe & Asia, performing and conducting workshops and propagating the rich Indian cultural heritage. She has won several accolades across the world. She was selected as the Indian ambassador for 19th World Festival of Youth & Students, Russia.

Sarvani is blessed to learn Kuchipudi under various gurus Smt Seetha Nagajothy, Sri Vedantam  Radheyshyam, and Sri. Raja Ram at a very early age.