Arundhati Nag – Founder of Ranga Shankara

On the 11th episode of Season 2, “The resilient Entrepreneurs”, we speak to Arundhati Nag of Ranga Shankara. Born to a middle class family in New Delhi, Arundhati Nag navigates her interests in Theatre after moving to Mumbai. Arundhati Nag, a multilingual actor, built the theatre to realise the long-cherished dream of her husband, the…

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Balakrishnan Venkataraman – Founder and Artistic Director of Theatre Nisha

On the 5th episode of Season 2, “The Resilient Enterpreneurs” on Indian Artpreneur Podcast, we speak to Balakrishnan Venkataraman, The Founder and Artistic Director of Theatre Nisha(Chennai) that has staged over 120 plays in the past 20 years under its banner in over 15 international, national and regional theatre festivals. Balakrishnan V is an alumnus…

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